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Learn how much money you will save by going Solar.

Benefits of Going Solar:

-Eliminate High Utility Bills
-Immediate Savings
-No Down Payment
-26% Tax Credit

About Us

Green Energy Solar Solutions is committed to providing homeowners all across America an easy, smooth transition into clean, renewable Solar Energy.

We provide homeowners the opportunity to acquire a Solar Panel System in an easy, hassle-free way through a turn-key operation.

From system design, to installation & permitting, we do all the work!


Green Energy Solar Solutions

One Stop Shop

From drafting your final blueprint to filing paperwork and securing permits, you can count on us to provide the professional support you need.

Save More

Save money by making the transition to this cost-efficient alternative to mainstream
energy use.

Guaranteed Service

Enjoy all-inclusive protection and monitoring services for your newly installed solar panel system without the hassle of spending out of pocket.

Concierge Convenience

You can count on one point of contact for the entire solar installation process. We will be there for you every step
of the way.


Customize Planning That Suits You

Our experts are ready to draft the perfect solar panel system with your finances in mind.


Listen to the many customers who have gone solar with us, share their stories.


“Thanks to Green Energy Solar Solutions and the savings I’m getting, I can spend more money on things I’d put off for later. I don’t know exactly what but I know it’ll be good things for my house.”

Austria – Florida