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solar energy panels

Start Saving, Go Solar

About Us

Solar energy
Solar panel
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Our Process

Our Pledge

Green Energy Solar is committed to providing homeowners in Florida an easy, smooth transition into clean, renewable Solar Energy.

We pride ourselves in providing homeowners with all the information they need before they make the decision to go Solar.

Simply book a Free Consultation, and one of our agents will provide you with all the information you need to make sure Solar is right for you. They will explain the technical aspects, how solar works, tax incentives, and how much money you will save by going Solar!

We provide homeowners the opportunity to acquire a Solar Panel System in an easy, hassle-free way through a turn-key operation.

From system design, to installation & permitting, we do all the work!

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Testimonial Videos

​- Wayne Martinez
  Fort Pierce, Florida

"Solar has improved my life because of    the obvious financial benefits"

​- Wilmer Europe
  Port St. Lucie, Florida

"Overall, it's way less than what I was      paying per month."

​- Mario Pachon
  Lake Worth, Palm Beach, Florida

"I'm now saving nearly the total amount    of my power bill."

solar energy panels

How Solar Works

Green energy solar solution

Power Generation

Sunlight comes into contact with the solar panel system, and the photovoltaic process begins to take place, producing electrons. 

use solar panels and save money

Guaranteed Savings

The electrons run through the Solar Panel cells, and are converted into DC Energy (Direct Current). This is where the massive savings come from, as generation costs of old utility are not necessary with Solar.

guaranteed service done by green energy solar solution

High End Technology

DC Electricity is sent to a state-of-the-art Microinverter, which converts the DC Energy into Alternating Current (AC Energy). The Microinverters allow constant monitoring of your system.

complete support and guidance

Permanent, Clean Energy 

The AC Energy produced by the system will power all appliances, lighting & electrical devices in your property. Get ready for life long savings, your home is now energy efficient!




Find Out if Switching to Solar
is Right for You

Call us now at    772-209-0602  to get your no-obligation, free quote

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